Operating instructions

  1. Soak the PODOWAX sheet for 30 seconds in hot water at approximately at 45° to make it flexible
  2. Place this sheet on the foam block placed on the ground, which has been covered with chamois leather or the linen cloth. This sheet must have been moistened with cold water.
  3. The patient, seated with the knee at a right angle, places his foot on the PODOWAX sheet placed on the foam block.
  4. Position the foot, subtalar joint neutral.
  5. Next, push the foot into the foam, with the operator pressing his elbow into the patient's knee (semi-weight-bearing) to bring the impression as close as possible to the supporting foot.
  6. Close the sheet around the foot to bring the wax against the foot.
  7. Next, position the non-weight-bearing foot at a right angle to the varus or valgus forefoot, according to Dr Root's biomechanical examination measurement.
  8. Remove the wax from the foot.
  9. Engrave the patient's name on the cast and store it in an appropriate box to protect it from impacts and heat.
  10. Pour in plaster and turn out the mould during expansion or inject PU form.

Mode d'emploi du Podowax

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